Reusing printer cartridges in general mainly depends on the availability of a new chip. Each cartridge is only accepted by the printers / machines if the chip contains the corresponding data. Aware of this fact, we started the internal examination and analysis of the chips at an early stage. Starting with simple EEPROMs up to encrypted communication - we are working at the state of art and develop technical solutions not only for our industry.

We can offer chip solutions for many applications in the franking supplies business. We have developed compatible microprocessor-based chips for the IM340B. These are available on circuit boards suitable for the respective application. We have a comprehensive command of the SLE4442 chips. In addition to the protection and security memories, we have reverse engineered various algorithms (like CRC). The Frama ST SRIX4K radio chips are just as much a part of our range as resetters for paint tanks from Pitney Bowes®. With all chips, we can also interpret the data in terms of fill level, production date, color, etc. and regenerate them accordingly.

New in our range are flex boards with microcontrollers for use in industrial printers with Funai printing technology. The Yellowstone+ sponge cartridge with the Rushmore Mono heater chip is the first cartridge for industrial use. Our chips are soldered on and are pre-programmed with suitable software for the respective OEM (e.g. Bluhm-Markoprint or Matthews). The filling level control as well as the setting of the suitable firing parameters are supported as usual.

We also develop solutions for customers and their business areas. We are strong in reverse engineering of authentication problems - whether with printers or other areas - contact us if you face similar issues.

In addition, we also offer chip holders for cartridges for Francotyp Postalia® franking machines and an innovative solution for bypassing the guide pin on Postbase® cartridges. Clear caps to protect the HP® 45 printheads are also available.