frankierpatrone neopost remanufactured wiederbefuellt

Highest quality through optimized processes

The manufacture of high-quality, alternative franking cartridges requires a production system that takes into account all relevant aspects - from empties control to programming.

Depending on the cartridge type, we have developed individual machines, devices and processes that guarantee the highest quality. In addition, we test print every cartridge with an integrated print head. In this way we can reduce cartridge failure at the customer's to a minimum.

wiederbefuellte frankierpatrone pitneybowes remanufactured ink cartridge

Proven inks | Reliable chips

In addition to the processes, the selection of the ink and the use of secure chips are of great importance. The inks we use have proven themselves over the past few years and ongoing incoming checks of new batches ensure the standard. A cartridge is only accepted with a suitable chip - we either have solutions that enable a reset or we use a reliable new chip.

Did you know – we offer private label even with small purchase quantities. For large customers, labels can also be individually designed on the cartridges - at no extra cost.

We would be happy to make you an individual offer.

pitney bowes remanufactured frankierpatrone kompatibel fuer dm300c dm400c
für/for Pitney Bowes
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